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IMN 5 Years anniversary

On July 4th, 2015, the Universe answered my questions about the meaning of numbers and empowered me with a unique insight into mastery within numbers and their quantum attributes. The insight I was given is Integrated Master Numerology (a numeric sequencing ranging from 1-9 and 11-99). The IMN sequencing deals with Energy, Frequency, and Vibration. It took me three years to fully understand the numbers, their patterns, their potentials, and their significance.

Today feels surreal, I’m such a different person because of my understanding of quantum numerology. Integrated Master Numerology system has brought me to the conclusion that we are all conscious beings having a human experience and numbers are valuable tools to help us see the numeric patterns in human expression. I’ve come to see life through the polarity of what serves us and what doesn’t serve us. We are at the mercy of our own creation. Everything has a process. The universal process lies in numbers.

To all my friends, supporters, and followers, I say thank you, and let’s continue on this quantum journey together. Please share and visit to learn more about this Integrated Master Numerology
Blessings always

Daphney Sign

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